How many Kickstarter campaigns make it to their first goal in their first hour? The Cheerble Ball did, and you can see why!


The Cheerble Ball with

Cheerble Ball & Playboard


The first goal was not very high - $6,420 - but the Cheerble Ball reached that goal during the first hour of its Kickstarter campaign! Now, with only a month left in the campaign, the Cheerble Ball is shooting for a $200,000 goal. More than $100,000 has been pledged so far, and it's pretty clear why cat lovers are supporting this campaign...

The Cheerble Ball is a cat charmer!


Cheerble Ball


Similar to the Wicked Ball, a successful dog toy recently developed by the Cheerble Company, the Cheerble Ball is smaller than the Wicked Ball and even smaller than the Wicked Ball For Cats at 1.6 inches in diameter and only 2 ounces in weight. But like the Wicked Balls (and the Wicked Bone), the Cheerble Ball needs no app; it goes its own way, reliably unpredictable, with its Li-Polymer 3.7v 100mAH battery, rechargeable by cable. You can let it wander around your rooms at a slow, medium, or fast pace while it challenges your cat with surprise moves. And, of course, the Cheerble Ball's Li-Polymer 3.7v 100mAH battery is rechargeable by cable like its predecessors.


Cheerble Ball set up to play

The Cheerble Ball has an automatic obstacle avoidance system that makes the ball squiggle out of tight corners and rebound from borders. It also has an Intelligent Companion Mode that you can set to start moving around for 10 minutes and then stop for 20 minutes while your tiger takes a nap! Set in this mode, you can think of it as a snooze button for cats....

But the pièces de résistance are the two Cheerball Board Games, one designed kind of like a pool table...


Cheerble Ball Playboard


... and the other that I won't try to compare to anything.


Cheerble Playboard


Watch how these cats go crazy on the board games. They are the Cheerble Ball's perfect spots for fun even though they are contained.



This 3-in-1 toy can now be purchased at the Kickstarter campaign headquarters if you would like to help the Cheerble Company reach it's financial goals!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


P.S. How many Kickstarter campaigns make it to their first goal in their first hour? If you know the answer would you direct me to the source for that information in the comments section below!


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