Rover book by Andrew Grant
Beautiful Spaniel (Photo: Andrew Grant/'Rover: Wagmore Edition')

Pictures of animals are the #1 draw to articles with images on the Internet today. That's because as humans we love animals and pets. They offer us a diversion from our everyday lives and bring a smile to our faces. In fact, kitty GIFs are one of the most searched topics on the Web. Now, one previously published author by the name of Andrew Grant has come out with another of his Rover books featuring more amazing portraits of dogs you'll definitely want to see.

Canine Photography

Grant's career as a photographer didn't start out with dogs. His interest in the subject began back in 2009 when he was doing a commercial shoot in a kitchen showroom owned by one of his buddies. "My friend’s two bulldogs repeatedly strolled through the set, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask my friend to keep the dogs in a backroom, since she was kind enough to let us take over her showroom for virtually an entire day," Grant was quoted as telling the Mother Nature Network (MNN).

Homeless Pets

Afterwards, Grant half jokingly told another friend that he wanted to produce an entire book on the subject. Because of his recent experience, he thought, "Why not? The two dogs I worked with were well trained, posed right where we wanted them to and looked right into the camera." That's when his friend brought up the subject of the high number of shelter animals that would probably never find a home and he decided to do something about it.

The First "Rover"

The end result was his first Rover book in what has so far become a series of five. Snapping pix of more than 100 dogs for the first project, the book caught the attention of none other than Ellen DeGeneres, one of television's most notable canine lovers. Wanting to somehow help, a portion of the proceeds from his books go to dog rescue groups throughout the country, with $2 million raised so far.

Purebreds vs. Mutts

Grant says the goal of his books is to "illustrate that there are healthy, beautiful, loving purebreds and mixed breeds available for adoption at rescues everywhere." He also wants people to know that more than a third of dogs languishing in rescues are in fact purebreds. "That's a vital message, since some people with a strong penchant for a purebred dog may have never considered that they may be able to find the purebred they're looking for at a rescue," the author and photographer noted.

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