If you love photos and videos of cats (and face it, who doesn't?), then claw your way over to Nekocat! This popular Japanese kitty pic & vid site is a cat lover's dream: check out an amazing variety of cats with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Nekocat may seem to be an odd name for a website (Neko means “cat” in Japanese, so: “Cat Cat”) until you land on its home page. Then everything becomes clear: there's cats, cats and more cats, all photographed or recorded with pride by their owners. The Nekocat home page is organized into several sections displaying thumbnails of the featured cats. From the top down: Pickup, Popular Photos, Most Viewed Videos, and Top Cat which appears to be a category filter.

While many of the cat images and videos have already been posted to Flickr and YouTube, those sites hold content of every type imaginable. Searching for cat content is no real trouble at those sites but at Nekocat, it's cats exclusively.

Nekocat picks up where Flickr and YouTube leave off, providing an enriched experience especially for casual browsers who can flip from one cat to the next with a quick click of their mouse – the only one you'll find at the site by the way. That's not to say Nekocat seeks to replace traditional photo and video sharing sites: hyperlinks to their relevant Flickr pages are posted just beneath each applicable cat's photo, for instance.

All is not perfect at Nekocat: the site's software automatically classifies uploaded files alphabetically by name tags, not names of cat types. Be prepared for some frustration if you happen to land on a pic of a Maine Coon Cat and then want to see more of this often spectacularly maned species. On the bright side, Nekocat's display format is perfectly compatible with smartphones – enjoy browsing from cat to cat during your commute, on your break or while you're away from your home base. Last but not least, you don't really need to know Japanese in order to enjoy Nekocat (though it would help if you're posting there), the many images of cats pretty much speak, er, purr for themselves.