See the cat toy, BE the cat toy! Introducing Neko-Pom, fleecy ultra-long-fingered gloves that do double duty as cat toys. Available in black, blue, pink or yellow with contrasting color trim, Neko-Pom gloves even feature little brass bells to add extra amusement for both cats and their owners.

Designed by Japan's PomPreece, Neko-Pom removes the middle man when interacting with your cat because really, who needs some man in the middle when your cat's looking to be entertained?

The gloves feature extra-long fingers that cats will find irresistible but don't try driving or lighting cigarettes (or both) while wearing them. Unlike most cat toys, Neko-Pom manages to enchant cat owners as well as cats because you're not just dangling a toy from your hand, your hands (or more precisely, the extra-long fingers) basically become cat toys.

Neko-Pom cat toy gloves can be ordered online from the Join Us Natural Pet Foods & Goods product page at Rakuten, Japan's largest internet mall, for 1,260 yen (about $12.50) per pair.

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