Cute & creepy Neko Damashi “Cat Soul Charms” from Takara Tomy are available from gachapon coin-operated vending machines. This means kids of all ages can possess their very own ghost cat... unless, of course, it possesses them first!

To describe these miniature figurines as being spooky and somewhat disturbing is an understatement but hey, what were you expecting? Smiling kittehs in winged gowns with halos hovering over their wee widdle heads? This is Japan, boys & girls, and when Takara Tomy's designers sat down to design some ghost cats they weren't about to pull any cat-punches.

The freaky felines are small enough to fit into standard gachapon capsules making them ideal for cell phone charms, zipper mascots, and even earrings.

Choose from Ginger, Calico, Black & White, Brown & White Tabby, White (with odd-colored eyes), or Black cats. Each features a cat-like body trailing off into a pale supernatural spiral and their heads are topped with a translucent blue swirl depicting their eternal soul. Yeah, anyone who's had a cat will find them totally believable. (via Jonelle Patrick and Amazon Japan)