So many of us have dogs that eat too fast for their own good. It starts when they're puppies and they have to compete with litter mates for food. The Neater Slow Feeder is a great dog food bowl to slow them down.


Neater Slow Feeder


Most dogs who chow down fast start as young'uns. Those who start eating fast later in their lives usually have anxiety issues or feel that their food will be stolen by another pet in the household if they don't eat it fast. If dogs are very active, they get hungry and eat fast. Some dogs just enjoy their food more than others. Whatever the reason, they need to slow down because eating fast can cause health issues, not the least of which is choking on their food, but perhaps the worst of which is a life-threatening reaction called Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV), commonly called bloat.

"Slow feeders" have been on the market for several years and they really help your dog slow down. Other than feeding your dog slowly by hand, slow feeders are the best things out there for dogs who chow down. The Neater Slow Feeder is one of the newer ones and it has some neat new features too!


Neater Slow Feeder

Neater Slow Feeder


First, like other slow feeders, the Neater Slow Feeder sets up separate stations where bits of food are placed to keep your dog focused on a small amount of food at a time. These stations are three inches apart, which gives both small dogs and large plenty of room to maneuver without hurting their teeth or gums. You can place kibble, canned, or homemade food in the stations. Just make sure to wash and rinse the Slow Feeder well. The material, ABS food-safe plastic, makes the feeder easy to clean by hand or by dishwasher.


Neater Slow Feeder


Neater is unique, though, in that you can add parts that 'measure up' to your dog's height (see image above). The Feeder itself is 10.5" wide x 15.5" long x 3" high. You can get the Neater Feeder Big Bowl Base that not only raises the Neater Slow Feeder up to 5 inches tall.


Neater Slow Feeder


Alone, the base serves as a big water bowl for your pet, holding up to 1.25 gallons of water!


Neater Slow Feeder


If you need an even taller Slow Feeder, Neater has a set of legs which can be attached to the Big Bowl Base, raising the whole Feeder to 7.5 inches high. If your dog needs this height to eat comfortably and healthily, there is a special price for the three piece set - Neater Slow Feeder, Big Bowl Base, and Legs.

Here is the 7.5 inch high Neater Slow Feeder....


Neater Slow Feeder

Neater Slow Feeder at full height


The Neater Slow Feeder is a product of Neater Pet Brands, made in the USA.


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