Cat-Man-Doo's Bonito Flakes

Cat-Man-Doo's Bonito Flakes


Cat-Man-Doo's Bonito Flakes are one of the most popular cat treats on Amazon, because they are so naturally delicious, crunchy, and healthy that kitty foodies will jump you for them!

Most special about Cat-Man-Doo's Bonito Flakes is that they are single-ingredient - the one and only ingredient is bonito, a little fish from the eastern coast of Japan that is considered a delicacy. "Some say that it is so delicious that it can improve one's lifespan and even bring back the dead." (Wiki) Because bonita must be eaten or cooked as soon as possible after they are caught, they are often dried and served as a topping for human food.

Bonita fish

Bonita fish


Cat-Man-Doo's Bonita Flakes are high-quality dried fish imported from Japan, dusted off and packed in Washington state, and sold to pet stores and directly to customers in various size bags for kitties.

If Bonita does lengthen life for humans, it does pretty good for cats too. It is a high quality source of protein and taurine, both of which are absolutely necessary for cats. It is rich in natural oils, great for skin and fur. Taurine, as you may know, is essential for your pet's eyes, but it is also necessary for fetal development, heart health, and blood circulation.

So, in these natural and delicious treats are some vital nutrients and they are super fishy, which cats love. You can feed them whole, break them in pieces, or turn them into crumbs and sprinkle on your cat's food. If your dog gets jealous, give him some too; dogs love them!

Cat Man Doo's Bonita Flakes


Special packaging keeps the bonita fresh! Cat-Man-Doo has a proprietary packaging system which removes oxygen from its bag - a bag that uses 65 percent less plastic than other pet food bags. Its nitrogen seal keeps its flakes fresh for longer than most machine packaged foods. The manufacturer claims to offer "the one and only stay-fresh sealed container on the market." And that's important!


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