Baltic Secrets Baltic Amber Dog Collar

Baltic Secrets Baltic Amber Dog Collars


I know you know that chemical flea collars are dangerous for your pet. (There is beaucoup evidence!)  P-L-ease don't use them! We have a natural collar that is safe for your pet, but really noxious to fleas and ticks, and it makes a darn pretty collar too.

The collar is made of Baltic Amber, or succinite, found on the beaches of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.


Baltic Sea

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Amber is not a stone, it's a resin, and the deposits found in the Baltic have come from trees millions of years old. Hardened into what feels like stone, the multi-colored resin often captures insects and sea creatures within, which makes for even more interesting amber deposits.

Amber is a symbolic 'stone' to naturists who believe that it has both physical and emotionally healing properties. This soft stone is used to make baby necklaces and bracelets which are purported to relieve the pain of teething.

I'm not an expert on amber, but I do know that many pet owners, including myself, are impressed with the efficacy of Baltic Secret Raw Baltic Amber Gems for keeping fleas and ticks away from dogs and cats.


Baltic Secret Raw Baltic Amber Gems Collar

These particular Baltic amber beads rubbing against each other cause static electricity, bothersome to ticks and fleas, as well as succinite, an especially strong aromatic chemical that repels the buggers as well.  Neither the static nor the aroma is harmful to you or your pet; some say their pet's skin smells fragrant beneath the collars, others don't smell anything.  But 70 to 80 percent of reviewers think the collars work well to deter ticks and fleas.

Baltic Secret Raw Baltic Amber Gems

Baltic Secret Raw Baltic Amber Gem Dog & Cat Collar (with leather closure)


I know the above collar looks too big and heavy for cats, but the Baltic Secret Raw Baltic Amber Gem Dog & Cat Collar is very light weight and comes in many sizes. The Amber Gem Collar also comes in light beige as well.

You may not want to hang your pet's ID tags on the amber collars, so you can use the Amber Gem Necklace along with your dog's current collar. The necklace comes without the leather closure, but with a twist knob closure, like the one below. Both the collar and the necklace come in many sizes, but be sure to measure your pets neck before you order!

Baltic Secret Baltic Amber Pet Collar

Baltic Secret Raw Baltic Amber Gem Dog & Cat Necklace (with twist closure)


I like the twist closure myself, and you can see why: it looks perfectly fetching!


Baltic Secret Dog & Cat Collar


This is a lovely collar, and for my pets, it does the trick, but if you are not satisfied with your Baltic Secret Amber Dog and Cat Collar Necklace or Collar, Baltic Secret has a 100 day return policy!

There's one thing you want to make sure do: keep your flea and tick treatments natural! You don't want the cures to be more harmful to your pets than the 'disease.'


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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