Arlo, the sweetheart below, was found near a hillside in Virginia and rescued by the Lost Fantasy Rescue in Ceres, Va. He was, as you can see, a mess! After a major de-matting, bathing, and haircut, Arlo feels his oats and shows off his sparkling personality in the "after" picture.


"Arlo" Winner of the 2019 Dirty Dogs Contest

Arlo, America's Top Shelter Dog Makeover in the 2019 Dirty Dogs Contest


Arlo won this year's America's Top Shelter Dog Makeover in the Dirty Dogs Contest, a signature program sponsored by Wahl, the well-known grooming company for people and pets, and GreaterGood.Org. The Lost Fantasy Rescue won $5,000 too!

The Dirty Dogs Contest sponsored the makeover of 130,000 dogs in the last eight years, Wahl contributing fur-care, grooming tools, and even professional groomers to pet shelters across the country for the purpose of bringing out each dog's true self. When this happens, dogs are infinitely more adoptable, feeling clean and comfortable.

Ten dirty dogs have been chosen from hundreds of contest entries this year.  Below are the second and third place winners.

Second place is Zorro, rescued by German Shepherd Rescue Orange County in Newport Beach, CA.


Zorro, Second Place in the Dirty Dogs Contest, 2019

Zorro, America's 2nd Place Shelter Dog Makeover in the 2019 Dirty Dogs Contest


It's hard to believe the before and after Zorro photos. This Shepherd's breed was not even recognizable by his rescuers. With a lot of medical and personal care, Zorro made it - right into the family of one of his rescuers! And $2,000 was awarded to his rescue shelter!

Here's the third place winner, a poodle named Gaston!


Gaston, 3rd Place winner of 2019 Dirty Dogs Contest

Gaston, America's 3rd Place Shelter Dog Makeover in the 2019 Dirty Dogs Contest


Rescuers at the National Mill Dog Rescue in Peyton, CO didn't even know that Gaston was a dog when they found him - never mind a poodle! Look at his sweet face and unique coloring. It was learned that Gaston was never cared for, and only used for breeding. But this story has a happy ending, as we hope all dogs have - Gaston has found a forever home.


National (or International) Dog Day is August 26 annually. Whether on this day, or any other, thousands of dogs and other abandoned animals await new homes at shelters in cities and towns across the country. It is heartwarming to know that there is a major American company partnering with a non-profit to make abandoned pets more adoptable. To see more Dirty Dog Contest Winners visit the Dirty Dog Gallery here.

Wahl has been making razors, clippers, and accompanying products for people and pets since 1919. To support the company's products, visit them on If you can, also donate to a very worthy organization,


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