This naked mole-rat floor mat shows the world you're as unique, quirky and cute (really?) as these toothy, hairless, and preposterously pink rodents.     

Naked Mole-Rat Floor Mat

Naked mole-rats aren't just unusual looking, they're unusual PERIOD. The long-lived critters create termite-like societies in elaborate subterranean burrows, have little to no pain receptors in their wrinkly hairless skin, and are highly resistant to cancer. Cool, or what?

They also have legions of human fans around the world, especially in Japan where several zoos house naked mole-rat exhibits, including the Saitama Children's Zoo located north of Tokyo. Being that this is the Year of the Rat, rodents (and rodent merchandise) are even more popular than usual.  

Naked Mole-Rat, Tasmanian Devil, Shoebill, Guinea Pig floor mats

These factors likely contributed to the naked mole-rat being featured in a set of animal-themed floor mats offered by the Tokyo Zoo Shop.

It's one of four out-of-the-ordinary creatures honored with dedicated floor mats, the others being the Shoebill Stork, Tasmanian Devil, and Guinea Pig. OK, so Guinea Pigs aren't all that odd but they sure are cute!

Naked Mole-Rat Floor Mat Is Good For Your Soles

The mats are all handmade and as such, extra care should be taken when washing, drying, and using harsh detergents. The designs are somewhat stylized – the purported Naked Mole-Rat could be confused for a pig with a runny nose – but hey... Naked Mole-Rat floor mats are rare commodities (we assume) so beggars can't be choosers.

Being handmade, sizes may vary between mats but on average they measure roughly 72cm (28.3”) long by 37cm (14.5”) wide. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit Tokyo Zoo Shop online or in-person at the Ueno Zoo's gift shop. (via YouPouch), image via tsukunepapa)