how cats' eyes work
The beauty of the feline eye & the amazing way they work


Cats have the most fascinating eyes. The slant, the shape, the color and the intensity all combine to offer us a glimpse of the exotic felines that are their distant cousins. Yes, domestic felines have more variation in hues when it comes to their peepers than big cats, and their pupils differ, but they’re every bit as striking and intense. Here are some interesting facts about the mesmerizing eyes of a cat.

Bright Eyes

Science has determined that while cats are not completely colorblind, they don’t see rich, intense colors the same as we do — or most of us, anyway. What they do see is reportedly less saturated. Studies show that they are able to distinguish yellows and blues quite easily but not reds or greens.


beautiful cat eyes
Look deep into my eyes . . .

Low-Lighting Vision

Interestingly, in comparison to most people, cats are actually considered to have poor vision. They do, however, have an advantage over us in low-lighting situations. The curious thing is that in total darkness their vision is said to be little better than ours.

Nearsighted or Farsighted?

While it’s been said that a cat sees best when objects are approximately 2 to 3 feet from their whiskers, there are researchers who believe the animals are farsighted. This theory has been advanced because the lenses of their eyes purportedly don't change in shape, which is needed to compensate for close up vision. 


cats eyes
Wide eyed & curious or expectantly waiting?

The Difference in Cats

There are other differences in domestic cats and wild animals beyond size. As stated before, their pupils are different. Domestic felines have a pupil that is vertical, while big cats have rounded pupils, like that of humans. It is believed that this unique feature facilitates their eyes’ ability to adjust to light changes quickly and to detect rapid and sudden movements.

View to the World

Hopefully this information gives you a whole new view of cats and their mysterious ways. At the very least it should give you a better understanding of their view to the world.