Raccoon, fox, chupacabra or what? A Memphis homeowner who managed to trap a four-legged, white-furred critter that was tearing up his yard still doesn't know what kind of animal it was.

Mysterious White Creature Has Homeowner Foxed

Give East Memphis resident Calvin Lee props for even attempting to deal with the mystery beast but hey – you don't mess with a man's lawn and get away with it. Once he had the varmint caged, Lee found out his problems had only just begun.

“I called the police department, I called Apex (Wildlife Control),” explained the feisty Lee to WREG-TV news reporter Kelsey Ott. “They said they'd come and set the traps, but they don't come and pick up trapped animals. So, I don't know what to do with it, so I called Channel 3 News. Maybe you guys will know what to do with it.”

Mysterious White Creature Has Homeowner Foxed

Most pest control services won't take calls about trapped animals as it's their business to do the trapping: no trapping, no business. A spokesperson for Apex Wildlife Control stated they offered to take the animal to their reserve in northern Tennessee but Lee didn't want to pay the fee.

In the event, Lee's wife Barbara drove the caged creature out to the country and released it just off a remote country road. The things wives do for their men... one would hope Calvin sprung for a nice dinner at least. As for the animal, WREG-TV is guessing it probably was a young albino raccoon.