A donkey spotted walking down a road in rural southeastern Michigan has been returned to its owner after police posted pics of the bewildered burro on Facebook.  

Mysterious Missing Michigan Donkey Saved By Social Media

It's not everyday you see a donkey out for a stroll in Argentine Township... Argentina, maybe, but not Michigan. That makes Monday, October 8th a red-letter day for the Argentine Township Police Department after “this little guy was found walking down Rolston Rd near McCaslin Lake Rd.,” to quote a post on the PD's Facebook page.

As random roving donkeys aren't a thing in Argentine Township, the patrol officer who spotted the beast thought it was a deer at first. “She pulled up next to it and noticed it was a donkey,” explained Det. Sgt. Doug Fulton. “One of the neighbors who lives on Rolston Road came out and helped her put a rope around the donkey's neck,” Fulton added, after which the mystery mule was brought to a nearby farm for “safe keeping”.

Mysterious Missing Michigan Donkey Saved By Social Media

While the farmer was happy to help out, the questions of why the critter was loose and who the real owner was still remained. That's when the Argentine Township Police Department's social media coordinator swung into action. Soon after an image and info about the stray donkey went live online, the post received several dozen comments and was shared over a thousand times.

That wasn't the point, of course: Sgt. Fulton stated the PD often employs their social media pages to spread the word on lost animals. “We have a pretty good recovery rate,” said Fulton. Sure enough, the donkey's owner made contact just over an hour after the PD's post went live. Hopefully someone will make Facebook aware of this story – they could use some good news!