An unidentified 'big cat' – possibly a mountain lion or an overgrown bobcat – was caught on tape as it prowled along suburban backyards in Lackawanna County, PA.  

Mysterious 'Big Cat' Snapped Skulking Through Northeastern PA Backyards

A pair of photos posted to Facebook by Clarks Summit resident Kurt Aaron WNEP have the verdant northeastern Pennsylvania community in a tizzy. What could it be? The tawny beast would appear at first glance to be a mountain lion or cougar, but according to officials with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, this species hasn't been seen in the state for over a century.

Mountain Lion or not, the mystery beast certainly left an impression on Nick Dodge after reviewing footage recorded by his backyard security camera. Said Dodge, “When I first saw it, I was like, 'Wait, is that a mountain lion? No, they don't live around here.' Then I saw and was like, 'It could be a bobcat, possibly mountain lion.'”

Mysterious 'Big Cat' Snapped Skulking Through Northeastern PA Backyards

Aaron then posted a second image of the creature, taken shortly after the first, that shows the cat passing through shade. “You can clearly see spots on the legs and belly,” states Aaron. “It looks like a Bobcat to me but I'll let you decide.” Game Commission officials confirmed that bobcats are native to this part of northeastern PA but they're usually active at night. They're not usually so big, either.

A Facebook page operated by Central PA Mountain Lion Sightings keeps track of such things, and the author notes there's a very big gorilla in the room: “Not one mention of anyone looking for or finding scat, prints or scratchings, etc. I suppose they didn't think to look for DNA immediately to solve the mystery big cat?” To be fair, if WE saw a cougar-ish critter roaming the fence line by day, we're gonna stay on OUR side of that fence, thanks very much! (via WNEP-TV)