The Weazel Ball is a toy for cats, and it's an ingenious toy. If you know cats, you will think, "Ah, this is the perfect toy for a cat," but your cat may not agree. Perhaps a little coaxing may help.

First, you have to "get" how the toy operates. I don't mean to make this sound like you need to be a brain surgeon to figure it out, but the design of the toy is counter-intuitive, so you may have to read and follow the instructions.

First, this plastic ball with the likeness of a weasel attached, needs to be opened. Easy enough, just unscrew to the left. Once open, you will find a contraption where the battery fits. Place the battery in there, positive side up, and slide the lever over the end of the battery. When the half of the Weazel Ball starts to vibrate uncontrollably, it's your signal to screw the top half of the ball back on.

Well enough, but it's not as easy as it sounds. You'll see what I mean.

Nevertheless, once you manage to make the Weazel Ball operational for your cat, you can place it on a smooth floor surface to entice your cat. My cat stared at it for about 30 seconds. She had no interest at all after that, even though the Weazel Ball is one of the noisiest and crazy-moving toys she has. If I were a cat, I would love the Weazel Ball.

My dog agrees with me and when he saw it, by that time spinning down the hallway to the bathroom, he tried to stop the Weazel Ball. Not knowing whether to go for the erratic ball, bouncing off the walls, or for the weasel, he finally decided the weasel was his best choice. The ball part of the toy, meanwhile, still kept moving, which was very unsettling to my dog. As he tried to stop the ball, he lost his grip on the weasel, and the hunt began again.

I'm not very good with video, so I'll share an equally entertaining video of a dog in pursuit of the Weazel Ball cat toy. This YouTube video was contributed by browneyedbluues:



There's no stopping the Weazel Ball, unless you can grab it, twist off the top, and move the lever to the side of the battery... preferably fast. The fact that you can't stop the toy easily has its good point: your pets can be entertained without you being interrupted -- my definition of a pure interactive pet toy. But there has to be another way to design the on-off mechanism without it making the human, supposedly in charge of this scenario, a bloody wreck!

My assessment: The Weazel Ball is a great dog toy if he's not strong enough to bite through the plastic ball; and the Weazel Ball is an amusing toy for humans to watch, but causes great agita when turning on or off. As for a cat toy.... Try dusting the weasel with your cat's favorite catnip.

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