my big fat pet makeover on Animal Planet
Image via Animal Planet


If you're not a reality TV fan, you might not be aware of My Big Fat Makeover, a program focusing on weight loss. Well, now there is a spinoff of sorts courtesy of the Animal Planet channel called My Big Fat Pet Makeover. The aim of the show is to help obese pets shed pounds while assisting their owners to kick the unhealthy habits that brought on the pet pudge in the first place.

While the show is intended to be educational on various levels, rather than purely as entertainment, it's doubtful there will be any fat shaming or brow beating going on ala Jillian Michaels, if you're looking for drama.

Overweight Pets

The new show carrying the tagline "pets go from flab to fab" has its own weight loss counselor tasked with guiding the animals to slimmer, healthier bodies for presumably longer life spans. That person is Travis Brorsen, who will be tracking his charges' progress through FitBark and doling out knowledge to pet owners on the subject of overweight pets and how to correct the problem each week the program is aired.

Obesity Epidemic

It's not surprising with the obesity epidemic the world is facing that we'd allow our pets to get just as overweight and out of shape as we are. It's understandable to have a lack of self control when it comes to our own health choices, but to see this spreading trend trickling down to domestic pets who don't know any better is alarming. Veterinarians across the globe are trying to raise awareness of the problem, but not everyone is listening.

Pet Diet & Exercise

As with humans, successful weight loss begins with proper diet and increased exercise. These are things anyone can do at home on their own, but millions of people find it easier to achieve weight loss goals with the support of friends, family members, gyms and groups. The show will hopefully help pet owners to face facts and start applying the information they learn immediately.

My Big Fat Pet Makeover premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET.