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Lift, and lift, and lift . . .   


When it comes to fitness, there’s always a new trend. When it comes to adopting animals, however, the trend has always been towards taking home younger dogs. Not necessarily pups, mind you, but dogs not in or soon to be entering their golden years. Well, that has been changing lately. And while the change has been gradual, a welcome change it is. More and more individuals and facilities are working on saving senior dogs, because they have worth, too. Now, one Northern California rescue is integrating the two trends to introduce Muttsercise.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Headquartered in San Francisco, Muttville focuses on the rescue and adoption of senior dogs. As trends go, this is a really pleasant one. Many individuals have been adopting seniors in recent years, knowing full well that some of the animals they bring home may only have a year or so (sometimes less) left in them. But they want to give them the best year of their life, if possible, full of love, attention and treats and completely devoid of fear, anxiety and loneliness. This can be really hard emotionally on those doing the adopting.

Senior Fitness

Now comes the part about exercise. If you were envisioning seniors in leotards (of either the two-legged or four–legged variety) working out or pumping iron, then your vision of the situation wouldn’t exactly be accurate. Humorous, yes, at the thought of a dog wearing Nylon or Spandex lifting weights, but inaccurate — although it wouldn’t be at all surprising if some of the participants showed up with their dogs decked out in gym attire. No, Muttsercise, the brainchild of Muttville and Diakadi Fitness, isn’t just for seniors.


muttville senior dog rescue
Feel the burn!  

Muttsercise Fitness

First off, Muttsercise is a form of fitness classes using dogs as weights or counterbalances. The inaugural event was held on July 25, 2017, and was attended primarily by Muttville volunteers and the dogs in their care, but as the video shows the instructors encourage anyone interested in adopting a senior dog to participate in future Muttsercise classes. The fitness sets were broken down into categories like “Butts & Mutts,” and besides allowing volunteers an opportunity to workout, it gave the lovable senior pooches that are awaiting new forever homes a chance to get out.

Animal Adoption Events

Muttville is a highly motivated animal rescue that hosts some really fun and innovative events for adopting senior animals. Besides clever fitness classes, they have a yearly senior prom geared toward raising money for the facility, and each and every Saturday and Sunday the public is encouraged to visit their cage-free SF HQ for adoption events. If you live in the area and want to become a Muttville guardian, check them out. If you don’t, you can still support their oh-so-worthy efforts through contributions as well.