Mutt Butts Toy

The Mutt Butts Toy


Well, you can try to get a whiff of the Mutt Butts® Toy... if you want. But unless you have an extraordinary sense of smell, you should just give it to your dog.  Once your dog sniffs the Mutt Butts Toy, it's all over!

That, at least, is what dog parents report about the Mutt Butts' ability to keep their dogs playing with it. It's hard to believe that a toy that doesn't fly or roll, is not chewable, squeakable, or edible, would interest a dog, but its odor must me soooo appealing....



Mutt Butts is a patent pending product of The Sampson Pet Group. The odor in the toy is created from "a synthetic blend of the organic compounds found in a dog's anal glands," and it, as well as the toy itself, is safe for dogs of any age and size. The toys are handmade right here in the U.S. of heavy duty ripstop polyester, trimmed with a durable nylon binding edge that is triple stitched for triple toughness. The Mutt Butts Toy is nine inches tall.

Here's the Mutt Butts Toy in all its glory!


Mutt Butts Toy

The Mutt Butts Toy


The Mutt Butts Toy is available at In The Company of Dogs.


As with any toy, keep watch over your dog while she's chewing on it and don't let her chew for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.


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