Police sounded a happy note after gently removing a wily young coyote from a restroom at the Nashville Music City Center.     

Music-Loving Coyote Takes Refuge In Nashville Restroom

It was definitely NOT just another Sunday night for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department when reports were received of a coyote who had entered the Nashville Music City Center, presumably without a ticket. Staff at the MCC were able to lock the fur-bearin' varmint in one of the restrooms before calling the po-lice.

Officer Brenna Hosey along with several of her NPD colleagues were given the assignment of removing the coyote from the premises without harming the creature, MCC staff and patrons, or themselves. To her credit, Officer Hosey contacted Metro Care And Animal Control Nashville, who sent advisers and equipment – a couple of catch poles – to the scene.     

Nashville Music City Center

Upon opening the restroom door, Hosey immediately spotted the young coyote huddled near a sink at the corner of the counter. She realized it wasn't aggressive – just frightened. Skillfully wielding a catch pole, she managed to corral the coyote and lead it out of the restroom and into her patrol car. Next stop: a wooded area just outside town where the shaggy music-lover was let loose.

“He hadn't done anything wrong,” explained Hosey to local media shortly after the unusual catch & release operation came to a successful conclusion. “He's a wild animal whose habitat is the woods but Nashville is slowly moving out and some of those woods are being taken away.” It's not certain whether Hosey's cruiser was a Road Runner, nor if the catch poles were manufactured by ACME.


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