At this time of year one of the bigger issues that you can face with
your dog is the scourge of dirty, muddy paws. You can take care of it
with ease with Paw Wash.

Paw Wash (Image via Paw Wash)Paw Wash (Image via Paw Wash)

The Paw Wash is a simple gadget that allows you to quickly and easily wash your dog's paws. You won't need to try to get your dog in the tub to wash off the dirt and mud. Just fill the container with water and soap and you are ready to go. Just insert a paw and move the container up and down. Then you move on to the next paw. One filling will clean all four paws.

Paw Wash (Image via Paw Wash)Paw Wash (Image via Paw Wash)

Worried about a wet mess afterwards? The top of the Paw Wash acts as a squeegee to squeeze the water out of the fur and off the paws so you aren't just trading one mess for another. It also comes in two sizes so that you won't be trying to wash small paws in a large paw container.

To order a Paw Wash for yourself or a dog owning friend, click here for small, and click here for large.

Images via Paw Wash

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