Oh the joys of taking your dog or dogs for walks in the country... and the misery of cleaning up the muddy mess when you get back home. If only there was some way to enjoy the former without resorting to the latter. Thanks to the clever and creative folks behind Muddy Mutts dog pants, the solution is at hand, er, paw!


Muddy Mutts is the brainchild of a professional dog groomer from rural Ontario, Canada. Exhausted by the long clean up times that put a damper on taking their two dogs on daily walks, the designers created, tested and refined their signature “dog pants” over several years.


Looking somewhat like a miniature pair of fisherman's gaiters joined at the hip, Muddy Mutts dog pants are now in their third generation and come in 6 different sizes ranging from XXS through XL. Each pair is made by hand, in Canada, from high-quality materials.  


The designers were careful to take into account the physiology of different dog breeds and the exuberance almost any dog displays when allowed to run and play off-leash. With those thing in mind, Muddy Mutts dog pants employ adjustable attachment straps and extend down to – but do not cover – your pet's paws. In addition, the pants ride low on a dog's hips providing plenty of leeway when Fido OR Fifi have to answer nature's call.



Check out Oscar the Goldendoodle (above), sporting a pair of Muddy Mutts dog pants from the latest generation, released in 2012. If the site of sartorially suited Oscar raises an eyebrow, well, you're not alone. Oscar's parents recall passersby doing “double takes” as they accompany Oscar on his walks, often followed by comments like “What a great idea, where did you get them?” To save you the trouble of looking and asking, just check out the Muddy Mutts website for more details and ordering info.