First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is... a cat? With apologies to Donovan, there are both – just ask veteran mountaineer Wojciech Jabczynski.
Most mountain climbers don't like surprises but Jabczynski was all smiles when a ginger house-cat joined him at the summit of Rysy.

Polish Mountain Climber Holds Summit Summit With Mysterious Cat

Not that the wee beastie's appearance was anything but unexpected: Rysy's craggy summit soars 8,212 ft (2,503 m) above sea level, earning the rocky peak the honor of being Poland's highest mountain.

Exhausted after his arduous climb, Jabczynski was about to enjoy a mountain-top snack when, he surmises, the cat caught a whiff of his lunch. Not that the critter was in need of sustenance.

Polish Mountain Climber Holds Summit Summit With Mysterious Cat

Jabczynski stated the cat appeared healthy, well-fed and quite calm, all things considered. He figures somebody may have left the cat at a climber's shelter on the Slovakian side of the mountain.     

The view from atop Rysy – located in the High Tatra mountains on Poland's border with Slovakia – is spectacular even without a photobombing cat but what was Jabczynski to do, boot the mini-yeti into the valley far below? Of course not... and now the photos and video of his summit summit are all the more interesting for it. (via Unexplained Mysteries)