Leapin' lizards it's a... leaping snake? A motorcycle rider from Lampang, Thailand needed quick reflexes when a snake on the highway decided to play chicken.

Uneasy Motorcycle Rider Narrowly Avoids Leaping Snake

Several hundred species of snakes, many of them venomous, call Thailand home and it would seem they defend their territory rather vigorously – even if such territory includes paved highways and byways.


One such Siamese street serpent took exception to a noisy motorcycle rider (we've all been there), lunging at him as he vrooomed by. As captured by video being recorded from a following car, the rider has but a split-second in which to draw his legs up and away from those flying fangs of fury.

We'll presume an underwear change was required at the next rest stop. As for the rambo-esque reptile, its unsuccessful leap of faith just might have been its last: Mom always told us not to play in traffic.