No free hands to grip your umbrella, motorcycle-riding guy? No problem, just ask your back seat riding pet pooch to hold the brolly. Hey, nobody rides for free!

Motorcycle Mutt Makes Great Umbrella Rack

Road travelers in Thailand may think they've seen it all but in this case we'll have to give 'em a raincheck. We'll give them credit as well, for carrying a camera-equipped smartphone and employing it calmly, coolly and collectedly no matter what comes down the pike... like, say, a dog riding a scooter while clutching an umbrella in his mouth.

Motorcycle Mutt Makes Great Umbrella Rack

To be sure, the dog wasn't DRIVING the motor-scooter... that would be weird. Instead, the seemingly trained pet sits behind his owner, paws resting on the driver's shoulders, jaws clamped tightly on the rolled-up bumbershoot. One hopes the driver doesn't try to enter any narrow alleys.

This video filmed last week in Songkhla, a small city in southern Thailand, only lasts 24 seconds and was recorded by another motorcyclist. “I am moving on the street and come across this cute dog on a bike and grabbing something,” reads the caption at the video posted by ViralHog. “It's really cute and funny.” Sure it is... until it starts raining.


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