Mother Goose Comes To The Rescue For Orphaned Pooch

I've written several stories over the years about interspecie relationships. Whether it be dogs and goats, bison and cows, or wildlife in Africa. Today, it's another unlikely pair -- a goose and a dog. As Animal Channel's D.G. Sciortino notes, "while we assume that animals are of lesser intelligence and are only focused on their own kind's survival, this simply isn't true."

Mother Goose steps out of the fairy tales

This heartwarming scene might have gone unnoticed had it not been for someone taking this photo. Like something out of a kid's fairy tale, a goose [frozen to a pole] noticed a newborn pooch, freezing as well, who was trying to fend for itself on a cold wintry day.

She looked around for its parents, but after realizing he was on its own, her motherly instincts kicked in. She reached out from the freezing pole to cover the puppy with her plumage to shelter it from the polar vortex that hit Montana.

In a Facebook posting, Suzanne PadaPetra noted that "the goose was sheltering with her wings a puppy that was about to die frozen . . . and that we have so much to learn as a species."

Questions regarding the photo

It appears after doing some research, it wasn't clear as to the photographer's identity. According to the Chinese publication NetEase, "no verification process was taken."

In a Snopes' post, they noted that "while we can’t say for sure what these pictures capture, they have been circulating online on Chinese social media sites since at least 2017 and were most likely taken somewhere in that country. The superfluous claim about the duck’s being “stuck to a post” was added after the fact and appears to have been invented in an attempt to raise the stakes (and share-ability) of this content."

The other question that hasn't been verified is if both the goose and puppy were able to survive and outlast the freezing cold? While there is wide online speculation, I can't report that they were able to lead happy lives after this photograph was taken.

Whether or not this story and photographs are authentic, it's nice to contemplate that interspecies relationships like this could exist? Also, it underscores, from time to time how much creatures of this planet need support, no matter where it comes from . . . and that when it derives from another species, it makes it all the more comforting. Your thoughts, readers?

Primary Source: Facebook