Halloween has become increasingly popular over the past few decades and
so it rivals Christmas for decorating. Black cats and bats aren't enough
of the animal kingdom to cut is anymore. So why not try these cool
, Crow, and Rat Skeletons to really throw the spooky into your

Vulture SkeletonVulture Skeleton

Pose the vulture skeleton to be picking at the bones of your human skeleton. Have the crow skeleton leering from the porch railing. The rat skeleton could be rummaging through your graveyard.

Crow SkeletonCrow Skeleton

All three of these charming and creepy skeletal creatures are made to be used indoors or outdoors. Add them to your Halloween skeleton collection all at once or one at a time. 

Rat SkeletonRat Skeleton

To order the Vulture Skeleton, click here. To order the Crow Skeleton, click here. To order the Rat Skeleton, click here.

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