A touchy-feely monkey with an equal-opportunity attitude shows off its awesome grooming skills by grooming a grateful pet puppy through a chain-link fence.

Monkey Masseuse Grooms Flea-Bitten Puppy

This video from Hà Tĩnh, a small city south of Hanoi and north of Hue, was supposedly taken on a farm though the only animals in view are a monkey and a dog.

The monkey is shown reaching through its chain-linked enclosure to groom a small dog. The scruffy pup is wearing a collar secured to a metal link chain but it's free to move away from the fence if it wants to... it just doesn't want to leave!

Monkey Masseuse Grooms Flea-Bitten Puppy

“I raise monkeys and dogs,” explains the farmer, which seems like an odd type of farming but who are we to judge? “When they were around each other, I thought it was beautiful so I recorded,” the farmer added.

Indeed, the dog appears so pacified by the monkey's gentle prodding it takes a little human intervention to end the, er, session. If the monkey seems a tad peeved at the end of the video, maybe it's just because the pup's a “lousy” tipper. (via UPI)