Holly and her treat money
Holly loves cash   (image via Casi Cook)


Some dogs have a fascination for paper money. I have personally known two or three people who have had dogs that would raid purses and wallets left within reach in order to ferret out the cash and run with it. It must have something to do with the smell. While all of these sneak thief pups have merely run with it to their favorite hiding place to squirrel it away, a black lab named Holly doesn't have a rainy day fund, instead she spends it.

Puppy Behavior

New York resident Casi Cook says Holly has been stealing money since she was a puppy. In the beginning, the little kleptomaniac just stole for the joy of stealing. Thrill seeker? Adrenaline junkie? Perhaps, but Cook chalked it up to adolescence and would offer Holly a treat in exchange for currency. Like most new parents, she quickly realized that exchanging something for the object in hand — or mouth — was a better alternative than chasing her.

Dog Treats

During an interview, Cook stated, "She was a thief, just like any puppy. She used to steal stuff out of all our bags, including money, and instead of chasing her around the house we would kind of bribe her with treats, so when she had money in her mouth we didn’t want her to eat it so we would say, ‘Here Holly, take the treat and give me the money,’ so it clicked in her head, if she has the money, she will get treats."

Clever Money Management

Cook, who works in a restaurant, also noted that whenever she's counting her tips Holly comes running. The pushy pup's next move is to lay her head in the lap of whoever's holding the cash and to begin gently nudging them until they part with the green. There are now two piggy banks in the kitchen just for Holly's treat money, and whenever she's running low they accommodate her adorableness by replenishing her supply.

Supply & Demand

"All the money that is around the house is the money she uses to ‘pay’ for her treats, and when she pays we put it in the bank until she runs out of money around the house. And then we restock her up," Cook added. Other times, when Holly turns her big brown eyes upon them for a little sumpin sumpin, family member will ask her for a dollar and she'll go dig one up in exchange for some goodies.


dog steals money for treats
Holly making a move...and who could resist?  (image via Casi Cook)

Paying Your Own Way

Sometimes during meals Holly will quietly walk up to someone sitting at the dinner table and gently lay a dollar bill in their lap and then look up expectantly in hopes of some sort of a yummy trade off, and chances are she usually gets it. After all, you'd have to be made of stone to turn down a pleading puppy dog look so artfully displayed in such an unobtrusive manner.

Have you got a four-legged pick pocket or furry financial manager in your home that can't resist the heady aroma of cold, hard cash? If so, please share your story with us in the comment section below.

Source: HuffPost