If you love modern and want to give your dog strain-free access to his food, the Doca Pet bowl stands are some stunners!   Their creative designs are by Luke Wong, the Studiowai furniture designer in Chicago.  He joins a number of other interior designers with a eye for pet ware.  Here are three dog feeding stands in sizes that should fit the Yorkies, the Corgies, and the Danes.


1.  Dogleg Diner

These stainless steel Dogleg Diners are covered in scratch-resistant powder-coated steel and include the stainless steel bowls. Sized for small, medium, and large dogs, the Dogleg Diners come in black, orange, red, and white.  Bottom is covered in non-skid rubber.






2.   Y. Bowl Dog Diner

For those of us on a spending budget, Doca Pet has designed this marvelous diner stand with an eastern flair... chopsticky looking, don't you think?  But the stand is metal, not wood, and its legs are booted with non-skid soles.  Alas, the Y. Bowl only comes in small and medium, but in choices of black, orange, red, and white. (Bowls purchased separately.)






3.  Square Meal Dog Diner

Wow! You have to adore this statement, wherever you place your dog's nourissements. The brushed stainless steel frame of the Square Meal is bumpered in rubber and sports an acrylic top in your choice of black or white. The stainless steel bowls are included in the purchase price.  Small, medium and large diners; very elegant, don't you think?







Note: Dog diners and stands are definitely ergonomic, but are not recommended for dogs who are fast eaters, whose bowls should be at ground level, regardless of their size. See article on Canine Bloat, the second leading cause of canine death.


Doca Pet, Studiowai, via BlueAntStudio

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