Can cats eat corn? You betcha, and a multitude of internet images do not lie! While our feline friends are obligate carnivores and non-meat foodstuffs like grapes, onions and chocolate are to be avoided, vegetables such as corn are just fine when enjoyed in moderation. As for the following cats cheerfully chomping corn on the cob, moderation is the fur-thest thing from their minds. With that said, let the niblet nom-nom-nomming begin! 



“Turn Faster, Human!”

Rule number one of cat ownership: never get between a cat and its food or you might inadvertently become the latter. Umm, dude, hope you're not too attached to your left thumb... (Cats eating corn image via Imgur)  



Vegetables In Motion

A viral video (almost 2 million views) of a cat eating corn? Your wish is our command! This video uploaded to teh intartubes by Japanese YouTube user bio0913 is only 25 seconds long but the memories are certain to last a lifetime. (Cats eating corn image via YouTube/bio0813)



No Anna Rexia Here

cat eating corn on the cob

"Anna" here thought corn on the cob was so nice, she ate it twice - at a single sitting at that! Hopefully her caring owner eased up on the salt & pepper before allowing Anna to gnaw those kernels down to buck privates. (Cats eating corn image via Marion Doss


4 Cats, 1 Cob

cats eating corn on the cob

Could this be the prelude to the mother of all cat-fights? One thing's for certain: those kitties have to be thinkin', "do I go for the corn, or the hand?" (Cats eating corn image via hapatxn



Sweet Corn Meets Sweet Tooth

cats eating corn on the cob

"Noodle" may never eat Meow Mix again now that she's discovered the joy of corn – sweet corn, that is, mere minutes from the cornfield and tasting like crunchy sunshine! (Cats and corn image via Andy)



Foiled Again!

cat eating corn on the cob

A lot of folks think feeding corn to cats goes against the grain, so to speak. Not so! Though the fibrous hull of corn kernels is mainly indigestible, the interior offers cats an abundance of essential vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals. Not trace metals, however, so keep your teeth on the cob and off the foil wrapping. (Cats eating corn image via Mobi)    


Corn-er'd Cat

cat eating corn on the cob

You don't have to give your cat corn - they just might take it themselves when you're not looking. Such was the case with "Angel" here, who scoffed a cob off the table when her humans were out shopping... for more corn, most likely. (Cats eating corn image via Julia Dewolf)




Meet Melissa, an ex-stray adopted by Wilda Kuhn and Rod Parsons of Rockbridge, Ohio. Like many midwestern cattle (and people), Melissa is a corn-fed cat who can strip a cob faster than a murder of crows on an autumn afternoon. Of course, having your humans work diligently to construct a special rotisserie cob holder makes everything SO much simpler! Hmm, wonder if this works with mice? (Cats eating corn image via Country) 


A Cat's LIFE

If you thought that cats eating corn off a jury-rigged rotisserie is a modern thing, be prepared to have your mind blown: the ginger (or so we're told) cat above was snapped snapping up some spinning corn on the cob by photographer Allan Grant way back in 1951!

The photoshoot was arranged by LIFE magazine, who constructed a custom kitteh cornholder expressly for this scene. A pity the plans weren't blueprinted and the Cat-Cobmaster wasn't made available for the marketplace. Hey, if you have a cat you know you'd buy one! (Cats eating corn image via Katia Lexx, LIFE Photo Archive)

Jimmy cat corn and I don't care? Not so fast, foolish human. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) officially states that corn kernels (ie; corn on the cob) are “generally considered to be edible” for cats but with one proviso: be sure the cobs are free of corn silk as swallowing the strands could cause an intestinal blockage.

Also, don't bother providing your pet with a pair of cute little metal-pronged corn-holders. Not only do their paws lack opposable thumbs, their claws are more than sharp enough to grasp the cob. (Cats eating corn images via ChinaSMACK, top, and Katia Lexx, above)