A rare and endangered Goeldi's Marmoset reported missing from the Universeum science center in Gothenburg, Sweden turned up safe and sound several hours later... at a local McDonald's restaurant.

Missing Monkey Turns Up At Swedish McDonald's

Face it, if you're a monkey on the lam in Sweden, it's not like you can hide out in the nearest jungle. Such was the conundrum facing an escaped or possibly-stolen Goeldi's Marmoset, a New World monkey native to the upper Amazon basin in South America. Center staff and the Gothenburg police were flummoxed as well: how to find a misplaced monkey when you don't even know where to look?

Missing Monkey Turns Up At Swedish McDonald's

Luckily for all concerned, the runaway primate took matters into its own hands, er, paws by crashing a McDonald's in Frolunda, a borough in the city's southwest. “We think it's the same one,” stated police spokesperson Peter Nordengard to the TT newswire, “but I guess there aren't that many monkeys out and about at the moment.” Uh huh... and there's one less now that the missing marmoset has been safely returned. Someone supersize a Happy Meal for that monkey! (via The Local and Expressen)


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