Norwegian wood wasn't so good for a house cat trapped inside a newly-finished staircase.

Missing Cat Found Inside Homeowner's New Wooden Staircase

A woman from Norway came home to a new wooden staircase... and a missing cat. Could there be some connection between the two? Yes, yes there could! Her worst fears were confirmed when she began calling for her cat.

“I called his name 'Sverre' many times and after a while heard a weak meow,” explained the lady of the house. “My kids were at home as well, and when we realized the sound came from inside the stairs they started crying right away.”

Missing Cat Found Inside Homeowner's New Wooden Staircase

The family was at a loss to explain how Sverre had got himself imprisoned inside the staircase. Cat installation wasn't included in the IKEA instruction pamphlet but you know how confusing those can be.

“He must have gone to check out the area under the stairs when the carpenter was outside to cut the planks for the stairs,” mused the homeowner. As Sverre is a Norwegian Forest Cat, he may have felt some attraction to all that fresh-cut wood. Or maybe he was “pining” for the fjords... no, wait, that was a parrot.

Missing Cat Found Inside Homeowner's New Wooden Staircase

So, where was the man of the house during all the excitement? The woman stated her husband was “on the mountain” - either a reference to working out of town or sleeping off a bender, we're not exactly sure. In any case, time was of the essence so she asked one of their neighbors to come over with some tools.

The rescue took about 45 minutes though the homeowner thankfully edited video of Operation Staircase Cat down to a mere 71 seconds. “He was in there for 5 hours, so it could have ended very differently,” according to Sverre's owner. At least now the area under the stairs is guaranteed to be mouse-free. (video via ViralHog)