The Sprout Cat Tower is designed to please both cats and their owners by combining modern style with a wealth of classic cat-friendly features.

Sprout Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw

Indoor cats need stimulation, that's a given... but then again, so do their owners! Enter the Sprout Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw, the kings & queens of quality cat furniture.

Sprout follows the uncluttered design aesthetic to a T – or in this case, to a “G” cuz' that's what it looks like in profile. The sturdy yet slim, curvaceous yet Marie Kondo-esque cat tower complements your décor scheme with a dash of ultra-modernity.     

Sprout Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw

Sprout stands 37" (94cm) tall, is 23" (58.5cm) wide and is just 13" (33cm) deep, yet provides a variety of comfortable perching places on three different levels. Check out this short video from Tuft + Paw showing Sprout struttin' its stuff with a somewhat chonker-y cat who could use the exercise.  

Available in your choice of golden ash or rich dark walnut veneer, this stylish cat tree offers cats and kittens broad expanses of Shadow Grey felt scratching surfaces upon which to exercise their claws. Cleanups are a breeze: wipe down the wood and spot-clean, vacuum or lint-roll the felt as required.

Sprout Cat Tower from Tuft + Paw

The Sprout Cat Tower is made from premium bent plywood and is suitable for cats of all ages, sizes and breeds. It ships already assembled – like, instant cat tree! Take that, IKEA.

For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats.