The Minecraft Wolf SquishMe mascot from Evolete is one of 8 squeezable characters from the popular sandbox video game.

Minecraft Wolf SquishMe mascot from Evolete

Minecraft has come a long way since its introduction back in 2011 but the highly-acclaimed game and its distinctive cast of characters retain much of their retro 8-bit appeal.

So does this Wolf SquishMe mascot, a faithful and hands-on version of the mobile (“mob”) Wolf character which – inside the game – can be Wild, Tame, and occasionally Hostile.

Minecraft Wolf SquishMe mascot from Evolete

According to Evolete, the Wolf along with the other characters in this series are of the “Super Slow Rising” type... the “highest quality squeeze”, doncha know! Mash it down and it takes its time reverting back to its original size and shape, something that's oddly soothing for some reason.

The Wolf SquishMe mascot also exudes a “slightly sweet scent”, something you won't find on actual wild wolves. Er, take our word for it and don't go smelling wolves, mmkay?

Minecraft Wolf SquishMe mascot from Evolete

If the Wolf SquishMe mascot makes you howl with delight, then you're welcome to go full Pokemon and catch 'em all: Pig, Purple Sheep, Ghast, Creeper, Zombie, Yellow Sheep, Wolf, and Spider.

They're priced at 880 yen (about $7.80) each with ordering info available at the Evolete product page.