Life's rough and getting, er, ruffer thanks to these 10 weird and wacky "Beware of Dog" signs that seemingly seek to confuse trespassers when all that's needed is a warning of a watchdog.  

Beware of Dog sign



10) Oh Heavenly Dogma

Beware of Dog sign

So it's come to this: warning signs that are dyslexic-friendly. Either that or this sign was posted at a place of worship, or on the other hand perhaps the signmaker just ran out of o's. (Beware of Dog sign image via Fabio Venni)  


9) Doggone Bad

Beware of Dog sign

Bad dogs what'cha want? What'cha want? What'cha gonna do? If ya jump dat fence dey gonna jump all over you! Also, don't “blockdrive” or you'll be fined... in Bitcoin. (Beware of Dog sign image via Karen Apricot)     


8) Be Were Wolves

Beware of Dog sign

It's a shame there's so much wrong with this sign, given the owner appears to have put much time and effort into it. Then again, the same could be said for the Botched Fresco lady. Spelling issues aside – and kudos for (mostly) erasing the extra E – what is that creature supposed to be?? A dragon? A chicken? A dragonchick! (Beware of Dog sign image via Satish Krishnamurthy      


7) Fearsome Fidosome

Beware of Dog sign

Yeah, the regular dogs are pussycats. We would have used “ferocious” instead of “fierce” but space limitations can be so, uhh, limiting. (Beware of Dog sign image via Andrew Bowden               


6) Scrumpy Ain't So Grumpy

Beware of Dog sign

Sometimes a simple “Beware of Dog” is not enough. Sometimes, your dog might not even be a dog... it's a Scrumpy! By the looks of it, Scrumpy is a Mandrill Baboon and you most definitely want to beware of them. (Beware of Dog sign image via James Willamor                  


5) The Goddamn Dogman

Beware of Dog sign

Don't even think about crossing his wife, she's a real... er, anyway, you'd best just leave the Dogman to his own devices. After all, he's his own best friend. (Beware of Dog sign image via Julie Falk)               


4) Sign of Reverse Psychology

Beware of Dog sign

Maybe someone should explain the point behind “Beware of Dog” signs to this oblivious homeowner. Then again, potential burglars will figure the place has been robbed so many times there's nothing of value left to steal. (Beware of Dog sign image via Tony Webster)                   


3) Vincent's Van Dog

Beware of Dog sign

You'd better beware of the dog: he's a terrible driver. Even worse, his park is worse than his bite. (Beware of Dog sign image via Shawn Carpenter                   


2) Bears Repeating

Beware of Dog sign

Is there really any point even mentioning the dogs when there's a BEAR patrolling the premises? A mighty irritable bear at that, seeing as the precious pooches got top billing on the sign. (Beware of Dog sign image via Richard Masoner / Cycleicious)                 


1) Schrödinger's Pet

Beware of Dog sign

Trespassers now have one more reason to hesitate before proceeding thanks to a pair of perplexing quotation marks. Is there an actual dog to beware of, or is some other creature that looks, acts and sounds like a dog (but actually isn't) waiting to pounce on any intruder? Whomever wants to find out, please be our guest and make that quantum leap. (Beware of Dog sign image above via David Gallagher, at top via Jon Ardern                        

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