Izzy The Cat doubles down on his Instagram cred with an “insanely realistic” 3D image whose limpid pool-like eyes appear to follow your mouse around the page.

3D Izzy The Cat

You may have heard about Izzy The Cat, a gorgeous black & white tuxedo kitty who shares a popular – 350,000 fans and growing – izzyandthefluff Instagram page with Zoe, his litter-mate. Zoe's claim to fame is the bold heart formed from black fur against her white chest. Izzy... well, he's just cute and not at all creepy... or is he??

You be the judge, by visiting a new and “insanely realistic” 3D image of Izzy posted by Jackson Cunningham, founder of the Tuft + Paw online cat furniture store, at Beautiful Cats of Instagram. To quote Cunningham, “this is what a bunch of bored cat-loving engineers do on a Saturday.”

3D Izzy The Cat

Some might find 3D Izzy endearing, others may feel Cunningham & Co have stumbled a step or two into the “uncanny valley”, a metaphysical concept that can evoke “strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.” The technique also conjures comparisons to so-called “deepfake” video technology, an emerging phenomenon with a high potential for abuse and misuse.  

That said, we're firmly in the former camp regarding 3D Izzy. The way his huge eyes appear to follow your fishy cursor around the screen is both endearing and hypnotic – in a good way! Check it out... and don't worry, 3D Izzy's not really checking YOU out at the same time.