The Milo cat tower from Tuft + Paw hits all the high notes, providing plenty of stimulation for indoor cats while looking as good (or better!) than the rest of your furniture.

Milo cat tower from Tuft + Paw

The Milo cat tower – or just “Milo”, in Tuft + Paw's quirky yet casual parlance – is a jungle gym worthy of the King & Queen of the beasts... miniaturized home versions. This impressive cat-contraption stands a full 62” tall by 53” wide.

A structure of this size might be expected to dominate most living rooms but thanks to Milo's subdued and complementary hues, it'll fit right in, in more ways than one.    

Milo cat tower from Tuft + Paw

Milo is designed to be assembled by owners at home using common hand tools. Even so, figure on spending a good half hour fitting all the parts together properly.

Indeed, there are parts aplenty: each Milo cat tower features two covered kitty-sized treehouses, two expansive perches, and a pair of slide-like scratching posts surfaced with durable carpet fiber and attached with grippy velcro strips.

Milo cat tower from Tuft + Paw

Milo is made to last, and to that end it's made with quality materials including soft-edged natural birch plywood with a white UV-resistant coating and clear acrylic plastic – the latter for the bowl-like “crystal hammock”... wish you were a cat yet?

Like many of Tuft + Paw's higher-end cat furniture, the Milo cat tower doesn't come cheap at a cool $949. Then again, it's designed to serve multi-cat households so just divide the sticker price by how many cats you've got. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw.