Twenty-six-year-old Yang Yun owes her life to a Beluga Whale. During a diving contest without breathing equipment to become a whale  trainer, she experienced paralyzing cramps that prevented her from rising to the surface. Mila, as if summoned, came immediately to her aid and propelled her upwards to safety.

A Difficult Whale-Trainer Competition

The test required that divers use no equipment and submerge in a tank more than 20 feet deep among the whales. The water is chilled to Arctic temperatures and Ms.Yun found her legs crippled by cramps caused by the freezing cold. Enter  heroine beluga whale, Mila. She sank her teeth into the diver's leg and began pushing her to the top of the pool. Belugas feed on small fish and their teeth are small, which is why the diver was uninjured.  (See: Sea Lion Rescues Jumper From Golden Gate Bridge)


Heroine Mila At Work
Photo: Twenty-Two Words-Euro Pics

Mia propelled the diver upwards with her leg in her mouth. Those who work with this whale state that she is a sensitive animal who works closely with humans every day. Mila saved Miss Yun's life. The diver told the press that she believed she would not survive until she felt something powerful pushing her up from the bottom of the pool. (See: Dolphins Guide Scientist to Drowning Girl)

Beluga Whales As Communicators

Beluga whales are very curious  about human activity and often approach boats. They are extremely vocal, so much so that they are known as "sea canaries." Whether  something in Miss Yun's behavior attracted  the whale or if she was somehow able to sense her distress, cannot be known.  But whatever it was that drew Mila to this diver saved her from drowning. (See: Humpback Whale Saves Biologist From Shark Attack.)

Good job, Mila! Bravo! Here's to Belugas everywhere!

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Source: National Geographic