It happened in Michigan last  year.  A rescue pooch named Peanut returned the favor and rescued a little  girl from a freezing ditch. Read on for more on this amazing canine.

It All Started At The Delta Animal Shelter

Peanut arrived at this animal shelter located in Escanaba, Michigan, in very bad shape with two broken legs and cracked ribs resulting from injuries received by an abusive owner. She was nursed back to health and adopted by a loving family who now credit her with being a rescuer herself. (See: Rescued Cat Becomes Night Nurse.)


Hero Peanut
Heroic  Peanut 

Her new owner wrote on the shelter Facebook page:

"Her uncanny sixth sense kicked in soon after we brought her home. She started acting crazy, running up the stairs, barking and yelping. She then went and got my husband, who was in the garage working on some projects, and alerted him that she wanted to go outside. He said he could hear her barreling into the field behind out home at full speed." (See: Pitt Bull Rescues Baby From Fire.)

She went on to comment that he followed the dog through snow-covered fields in rural Michigan until Peanut stopped abruptly in front of a ditch and looked back at her owner. He was surprised to find a naked and shivering little girl curled up in a ball. He wrapped her in his sweat-shirt and carried her inside to get her warm. He then called 911, and by the time the ambulance and  police arrived, the little girl could,say only one word–'doggie.' (See: Pride of Lions Saves Kidnapped Ethiopian Girl.)


Heroine Peanut
Adorable Peanut

Rescue Personnel Were Summoned To The Scene

The Delta County Sheriff's office confirmed the story in a statement on their own Facebook page, saying that the girl was found "lying naked in a ditch" in freezing conditions. It read specifically: "A citizen was alerted to the child's presence by his dog. The man then located the girl, wrapped her in his shirt and rushed her back to his residence in an attempt to  warm the child." (See: Hero Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year Old.

Peanut Saves The Day And The Little Girl

The little girl was taken to the hospital and when the police finally located her parents, they discovered that they lived in nearby "unsafe" and "unsanitary" living  conditions. Child Protection Services removed the little girl along with another child in the same household and the case is currently under review by prosecutors.  The Delta Animal Shelter had this to say: "Through all of this sad news, give thanks that the children are now safe. The good in  this heartbreaking story is the  heroism demonstrated by this former abused shelter dog named Peanut and her wonderful, adoptive  family." (See: Willie The Parrot Saves Child From Choking.)

The tale of Peanut's heroism has gone viral and to date, has racked up more than 3,000 shares and many more tears of joy and sadness. Peanut's owner simply beams with appreciation for this amazing canine. He said: "Thanks to Peanut, a little girl's life was saved today. She has been such a blessing to us, and now to others. Words cannot express how grateful we are that we have Peanut in our lives and how amazing she is."

Good job, Peanut!

Here's to rescue animals everywhere!

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Source: Honey 9