Thanksgiving dinner with the family is a longstanding tradition yet when Turkey Day arrives, your dog and/or cat get the same food as any other day, right? Wrong! If you're thankful for having a pet, show them you care by serving Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner.


Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner Canned Cat & Dog Foods

Merrick Pet Care markets these special canned dinners as part of an all-natural ingredient pet food line that sounds so tasty it's making ME drool. Even the finickiest cat will have trouble turning down canned California Roll, New England Boil, Cowboy Cookout or Surf & Turf. Dogs get the gourmet treatment too – how do Grammy's Pot Pie, Smothered Comfort and Wingaling sound? Their dried foods and treats look to be equally delish.


Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner Canned Cat & Dog Foods

Thanksgiving's where it's at, though, and Merrick has succeeded in canning a feast fit for a beast... or a beauty, depending on how you view your pet. Felines can enjoy Thanksgiving Day Dinner for cats in 5.5oz and 3.2oz cans. Included among the “human grade ingredients” are Turkey, Turkey Broth, Turkey Liver, Fresh Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Green Beans, Fresh Whole Granny Smith Apples, Dried Cranberry and Dried Blueberry.

If Thanksgiving dinner's going to the dogs, bring it on! Merrick offers their canned Thanksgiving Day Dinner for dogs in 13.2oz for all breeds of dogs and 3.2oz cans for small or toy breeds. Ingredients include Turkey, Turkey Broth, Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Green Beans, Apples, Peas, Potato and Herbs.

Merrick Thanksgiving Day Turducken Canned Cat Food

Last but definitely not least, Merrick offers canned Turducken for both cats and dogs. You read that right: Turducken. Your dog (or cat) may want steak most of the time but with Merrick's “grrrmet” offerings on tap this Thanksgiving, they'll gladly make an exception.

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