Pets and fireworks
Make sure your dog's wearing tags & on a leash


Memorial Day, much like 4th of July, is a time to honor and observe. It's also a time for gatherings and fireworks, both of which can be very hard on some animals. For some reason many pets just don't do well in these situations. Whether they're just higher strung or more sensitive, these poor creatures can have a very hard time during celebrations, raucous or otherwise. We've got a few tips for you to follow that may help your nervous Nellies get through it relatively unscathed.

Outdoor Fun

If your pets are going to be outdoors with you during the day, make sure they not only have current tags on their collars but that they have a small tracking device backed by a mobile app. They're super inexpensive now and super tiny, so they won't get in the way. Also, don't forget that animals can get sun burns, too, so slather them with sun screen as well. If there's water fun involved, consider life jackets for dogs that are smaller, older or very young. Finally, don't forget to provide pets with plenty of water and shade, should they need it.

Public Outings

If you're planning on heading out to any public celebrations or events, make sure your pets are on a leash, and don't leave them in a vehicle. It may not be officially summer yet, but it's still warm enough out in most parts of the country for pets to die in hot cars. Also, if you're going to be out after dark, consider a small attachable glow stick or beacon tag to clip on your dog's collar so that they're easier to see in dim lighting. They have LED glow collars out now for pets, if you think that would be easier.

No Pic-A-Nic Baskets for You, BooBoo

Celebrations and gatherings are the best time for pets to get into food and garbage. There's so much going on nobody notices the dog or cat has slunk off somewhere quiet with a rib bone or even a stack of ribs, for that matter, until it's too late. Keep pets away from rooms filled with food, low picnic tables and areas with uncovered trash cans. Also, remind your friends and family members you might not see that often not to feed your pets scraps or unapproved bones.

Fireworks Displays

It doesn't matter the holiday, if fireworks are involved nervous pets everywhere are freaking out and trying desperately to escape the noise. If you have an animal like this, put him or her in a quiet room where they are unlikely to be disturbed. You can put their favorite pet bed in the room, their crate if they have one, or even leave a closet door open so they can go in and cower in a dark corner where they might feel a bit safer. If they need to go outside to relieve themselves, put them on a leash, even if it's in your own backyard.

Lastly, if you have newer additions to your pet family that aren't afraid of noises, consider keeping them separated from pets that are. Animals have a tendency to pick up on vibes like that and the next thing you know they're cowering and shaking when they never behaved that way before. Fear can be contagious, so try not to expose them to it, if you can avoid it.

Follow these Memorial Day safety tips and remember to apply them to other celebrations and your pets will be better off for it.