Caught off the coast of Massachusetts last week, the mutant lobster really stood out from the rest of the daily catch when the fishermen noted that it had five claws on one limb!

Lola, the ten year old, 4lb. American lobster, was fished from the Atlantic Ocean by one of the fishing crews using a boat featured on the hit show “Lobster Wars.” One of the fisherman donated the odd creature to the Maine State Aquarium located in Boothbay Harbor, to live alongside a pair of other unusually colored lobsters: A half-orange, half-brown lobster and a bright blue lobster. Strangely enough, other aquariums in the area weren’t interested in adopting Lola…

Aquarium curators state that claw mutations are rare, but Lola’s segmented and human hand-like deformation is especially exotic. Apparently Lola’s strange claws aren’t hurting the creature, or keeping her from living a healthy life, and she is expected to live a long time as a permanent resident of the aquarium. She is going to stay in a holding aquarium for about a week before joining the other two freaky lobsters on public display.

Lobsters are ten-legged crustaceans that walk along all of the world’s ocean floors, looking for fish, mollusks, algae and other easily-obtainable food. Although they have notoriously poor vision, lobsters are equipped with heightened senses of taste and smell. They can live to be around 50 years old in the wild, and the largest lobster ever caught was between 3 and 4 feet long and weighed nearly 45lbs!

Sources: National Geographic, CBS News, Mail Online

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