A ten-year-old English boy named Charlie Riley owes his life to his eight-month-old dog, Geo, who pushed him out of the path of an oncoming truck and suffered terrible injuries.

This Hero Dog Pushed His Young Owner Out Of The Path Of The  Truck

Charlie was playing on the street with his eight-month-old puppy, Geo, on a family walk with his mother Carly, and his two younger brothers, Josh, seven and Ben, four, in Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, England, when out of the blue, a truck sped onto the pavement, headed directly towards Charlie. Geo instantly pushed the little boy out of the way and sustained the impact from the advancing vehicle. (See: Parrot Saves Child From Choking.)

The poor dog was thrown onto the road and the driver of the truck, in his haste to escape from the scene, ran the dog over again. But Geo is a strong pup, and somehow, he survived this terrible ordeal despite several internal injuries, a broken spine, severe bruising and two broken legs. He endured five hours of surgery during which two metal plates were inserted into his legs. Expert and timely veterinary care saved this sweet, loyal dog from certain death, but his treatment and rehabilitation have been lengthy and very costly. (See: Retriever Saves Owner From Freezing To Death.)


Charlie Riley and Geo
Photo: Albanpix

Carly Riley and her husband, Ian, reported the hit-and-run to the local police. She told the press: "We were waiting to cross the road at the lights when I heard a car coming really fast. Then a pick-up truck mounted the curb. The dog must have sensed that Charlie was in danger. He leaped on him and took him out of harm's way. If it wasn't for Geo, I am 100% sure it would have been Charlie." (See: Palomino Saves Rider From Dog Attack.)

The Family Set Up A Facebook Page And PayPal Account To Help With Vet Bill

Mrs. Riley set up a Facebook page and called it: Geo The Hero. The vet bill was £8k ( approximately US $ 11,200) which was far beyond their capacity to pay. Well-wishers have helped a great deal, as paying that amount would have wiped the family out financially. In the words of Mr. Riley: "It wasn't a question of putting him down. We want him  fixed no matter what the cost. He's family." (See:Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)


Geo Before The Tragedy
Photo: Albanpix

Geo Makes A Complete Recovery

Then picture above was taken before the tragedy, but Geo today is healthy and has made a complete recovery. He enjoys  his life with his adoring family, who are infinitely grateful to him for saving Charlie. Geo has more than earned his keep in the eyes of his caretakers, and will always be a member of their loyal and devoted entourage. (See: Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)

Bravo, Geo!

Way to go!

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