Shock & aww? That seems to describe Banye, a gray & white cat from Shanghai, China, who appears to be surprised by everything, all of the time. Banye's owner has enjoyed both Banye and the never ending series of double-takes he provokes in public since he was just a tiny kitten.

While Banye looks absolutely adorable with his permanent O Face (we mean that in a family-friendly way), he himself is completely oblivious to all the hubbub. Born with a roughly circular patch of dark fur on his chinny-chin-chin, the now 11-year-old British Shorthair has always looked surprised whether he actually is or not. Hey, it beats looking grumpy all the time – unless you're Grumpy Cat's owner.

Speaking of owners, Banye's human companion is named Winnie and began posting photos of Banye to Duitang (a Chinese photo-sharing site similar to Pinterest) earlier this year. She even uses a pic of Banye as her avatar.

The reaction to Banye's perpetually astonished face wasn't surprising though it WAS enthusiastic. After all, you just don't see a surprised-looking cat every day while Banye, on the other hand, looks surprised each and every day.



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