I see your horned toads and raise you horned cats: Unicorn Cats! Call 'em “Unicats” for short but not for long, since none of the cute & comical felines featured here get a kick out having a horn of their own.



8) Leaning Meower of Pisa

Crafting a unicorn horn for a cat isn't as easy as pizza pie, and don't give me that “it ain't rocket science” stuff because this is a matter of great gravity - literally. Too light a horn will be fragile and floppy, too heavy a horn and Felis Galileo here can't keep his or her head held high. (Unicorn Cat image via Bridget85 at ETSY)   



7) Unicone Cat

Unicorn cat costumes are pretty simple: add one horn to one cat. Even so, Purrphy's Law states that when there's a cat involved, it's fairly likely things will go horribly wrong. Somewhere, the Cat in the Hat is doing a facepalm. (Unicorn Cat image via CHEEZburger Sites



6) Octopussy's Garden

unicorn cat

This cat might be wearing a unicorn horn but by the looks of it, a sea turtle shell would be much more complementary. Dude had better be alert, however, you never know when a unicat will turn turtle. (Unicorn Cat image via brenda.



5) My Horn is Blue, Your Argument is Invalid

Doesn't this hefty kitty look a lot like Church, the undead cat from the film Pet Sematary? Church didn't have a horn, of course, he was creepy enough au natural. Logically speaking, this makes the unicorn cat above seem even more terrifying than an evil zombie cat. (Unicorn Cat image via ~Ponys-for-you)



4) Mess With The Cat, You Get The Horn

unicorn cat

The nice folks at ThinkGeek call the above accessory an "Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn for Cats" but let's be clear here: an evil unicorn horn does not an evil cat make. Check out the nattily accessorized kitty above - that expression is pure joy, nuthin' evil about it. Wouldn't you feel joyful if someone you trusted and loved suddenly strapped an inflatable unicorn horn to your head? (Unicorn Cat image via ThinkGeek)



3) Uni-Cow Cat

Kudos to ETSY crafts-person Xmoonbloom for creating the crocheted horn-hat modeled by the above sleepy cow-cat... no bull! The clever combo of stretchy cap and integrated horn helps keep things in place however much your skeptical pet objects to the situation. (Unicorn Cat image via Whose Roses Are Those)



2) The Glamorous Life

unicorn cat

Most cats rise to the occasion of a professional "Glamour Shots" style photoshoot. Then there's THIS cat, who looks like they would rather be anywhere else. Mind you, that unwanted and un-asked-for unicorn horn really doesn't help kitty's mood though to be fair, it definitely adds something to the finished product. (Unicorn Cat image via Gracie Hagan)



1) This Horn Blows

Yeah, and so does your mom... wait, what'd I say? It's an inflatable horn, duh, and if your mom doesn't blow it up who will? Priced at under ten bucks, the Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats is (according to the seller) 5-1/2" long, made of vinyl, installs with a four-point elastic strap system and will “make your dreams come true.” Your dreams, your cat's nightmares. “Cats Love It”, huh? Fluffy begs to differ. 



It seems everyone wants a Unicorn Cat but the cats themselves, which is a shame because both unicorns and cats are totally awesome. Even Nyan Cat is improved by adding a horn, albeit a rainbow-colored one, and cats in general emanate a natural note of mystery that lends itself to association with mystical, mythic beasts. You don't see too many Unicorn Dogs around, now do you? Mmm, Unicorndogs... (Unicorn Cat images via The Keep Calm-O-Matic, top, and Fandom above)


*** UPDATED on January 3rd, 2019 ***


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