McDonalds Singapore is no longer the bee's knees for a drive-thru customer whose order of fries included a crispy deep-fried bee.

McDonalds Singapore Stings Customer By Serving Up A Deep-Fried Bee

Would you like flies with that? How about... bees! An insect-phobic customer was more like “How about NO!” after discovering a deep-fried bee at the bottom of her small fries. Ja-ne Yeo of Singapore posted her tale of woe – along with some er, juicy photos – at Facebook following what must have been the worst drive-thru experience EVAR.

“For those who know me,” stated Yeo, “you already know my dramatic reaction to insects ‘touching’ me... so you can imagine my reaction when I pinched the bee instead of fries.” The incident occurred at a McD's in the Southeast Asian city-state's Ang Mo Kio district at roughly 10:30pm.

McDonalds Singapore Stings Customer By Serving Up A Deep-Fried Bee

Yeo said the timing contributed to the mealtime buzzkill, complicated by their plan to “happily feed everyone fries inside a poorly lit car that’s on the move.” According to the receipt, Yeo ordered a grilled chicken salad meal that included a side order of small fries... that's “fries”, not “flies”. Nice try, Ronald, you were only off by one letter!

As for the presumably traumatized Yeo, she leaves us with some salient advice: “Pay attention to the food you're touching/eating...  cos you NEVER know when you'll grab a ‘special friend’ instead.” McDonalds Singapore is looking into the matter... presumably before sundown.