McDonald's Thailand doesn't offer the Arch Deluxe anymore but the fast food giant does occasionally deluxe-up their golden arches... with red Hello Kitty hair bows.   

McDonald's Thailand Says 'Yes Siam' To Hungry Hello Kitty Fans

How does one say “I'm Lovin' It!” in Thai? Not that it matters much: international superstar cartoon and anime character Hello Kitty has no mouth, thus rendering her incapable of speech. Of course, that means she can't eat either but either way, Sanrio's most famous alumnus is only too happy to partner-up with McDonald's from time to time, and this is one of those times.

Hello Kitty haters – yes, they do exist – may feel the overtly cute and almost omnipresent feline has no business promoting a burger joint but hey, it could be worse... at least she's different species from what's on the menu.  

McDonald's Thailand Says 'Yes Siam' To Hungry Hello Kitty Fans

McDonald's has roughly 240 McDonald's locations with the initial and flagship Bangkok store opening in February of 1985. You can also find the officially licensed Hello Kitty House restaurant in Bangkok but the competition is friendly. Besides, Hello Kitty is hugely popular in Thailand and the more exposure Sanrio's star attraction gets, the more fans and Sanrio execs like it.

So next time you're feeling peckish in Phuket or ravenous in the land of Rama, feel free to fill up on familiar fare at the nearest home of the Golden Arches. If you're lucky, your visit might coincide with one of McDonald's Thailand and Sanrio's regular Hello Kitty promotions – the red hair bow on the arches out front are a dead giveaway. (images via Hello Kitty Hell)