fabdog pj sets for humans and pets
Image via fabdog Facebook


Pet wear or pets' wear. Say the words and you'll get varying reactions. It used to be you were mocked for dressing your pets outside of functional dog sweaters for warmth. Now, it's a thriving industry generating millions in revenue for quirky crafters with a talent for stitching. If you're one of the pet parents that revels in this trend, you'll be thrilled with a new pajama line with you and Fido or Fifi in mind.

Pajama Sets for Humans & Dogs

Beyond the whole should you or shouldn't you sleep with your pets' debate — which, by the way, there's plenty of proof it's not harmful and can even be beneficial — most people forge ahead and sleep with their cats and dogs anyway. Since you're going to do it and you lean toward the pet wear trend already, then check out fabdog Inc. and their matching pajama sets.

Flannel PJs

Looking for something in a plaid, please? Not a problem, fabdog's got you covered. Touting themselves as "a high-quality clothing line for refined and fashionable dogs," the company claims to have been "dressing pups across the world" since 2002 in their "original designs." As much as I'm not a fan of matching outfits for anybody, I have to admit their PJ sets are cute.

Pets' Wear

During the first week of November, 2017, fabdog revealed that they were marketing four different styles of pet-and-owner jammies to the tune of $50 a set, and apparently the response was so overwhelming they sold out. The pajamas are available for both men and women, and they come in a variety of sizes for dogs. Guys, this probably means you're getting pajamas for Christmas, again.

Christmas Presents for Pet Owners

Actually, as Christmas gifts go, you could do a lot worse than a decent set of jammy jams cut from the same cloth as your other family members'. Another bonus? Unlike your pets, you won't be forced outdoors in them to the groans of friends and neighbors alike. It can be your guilty little secret — until somebody snaps a pic and you end up on Instagram or SnapChat before being tagged on Facebook. After that, you'll just have to own it.