The Nevada County Police Blotter always makes for good reading but an entry logged at 11:57pm last Sunday (July 15th) stands out, if only because the subject/suspect wasn't human.

To quote, “A caller from Banner Quaker Hill Road reported a raccoon in her home locked in the bathroom. It's knocking everything over and hitting the wall.” It was probably asking "Can you spare a square?" in raccoon-ese.  

Masked House Raider Just Wanted To Use The Bathroom

Nevada County Sheriff officers were deployed to the scene armed with little more than a sense of humor and a camera, which they promptly put to good use. “He was described as a masked male that was rummaging through items inside the bathroom,” according to a police spokesperson posting at the NCSO's Facebook.  

“Through great negotiation skills, Deputy Eick was able to convince the little guy to not resist and politely leave,” added the spokesperson. “He was ultimately escorted out of the house unharmed and pinky swore he would not return.” All's well that ends well... and just as well, since it's doubtful the deputies had handcuffs small enough to fit this particular masked bandit's wrists.


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