2014 is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac so what better way to ring in the new year than with 10 amazing cats & dogs wearing creepy cute horse masks? 



Why Wood You Do That?

One sign your horse mask may be too big for your cat: poor kitteh can't raise his head off the hardwood floor. At least the ginger mane matches the feline's fur. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Hamusoku) 


Holiday Trauma

Your child's demands for a pony this Christmas are becoming a night-mare... what to do? Combine one (1) horse mask with one (1) family dog and voila: your precious snowflake is delighted beyond words... until the creepy horse-dog pulls off its own head. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Funny Cute Stuff)  



This End Up

The concept of wearing horse masks is somewhat new to cats so forgive them if they mess up the first they try one on. Practice makes perfect, and you'll want them to get it right in case they ever encounter an actual horse. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Between the devil and the deep blue sea)  



Inversion Of The Body Snatchers

Not all dogs can get the horse mask look just right. This one gets it horribly wrong, like the hair-raising human-faced dog from the 1978 film Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Dogs In Masks)   



Still Life With Horse Mask

Let ostriches bury their heads in the sand. This cat's found a a less gritty and more funny way to escape our confusing world. Kudos to Parry Gripp for this disturbing yet adorable image. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Camp Solace)     



Woof Woof? Hoof Hoof!

Just as Donkey from Shrek dreamed of being a “noble steed”, your jackass of a mutt also aspires to greater things... in this case, through cosplay. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Steve Dogarty)       



Sophisticated Cat Follows Through

He's thinking of buying a boat, he forgot to pick up Carl (the IKEA Monkey), and now he's pondering the purchase of a horse mask. Hey, one out of three ain't bad! (creepy cute horse mask pet images via The FW)  



We're Gonna Need A Bigger Scoop

Is it any wonder these dog-horse chimeras always have the front of the horse and the rear of the dog? Think about the opposite combo... actually it's no wonder at all. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via MINUS/Fishooked)   



“I Changed My Mind!!”

Has anyone considered whether their pet even WANTS to wear a horse mask? The caring and concerned fisherman above thought he'd show his cat what it could look forward to... the cat reacted pretty much as expected. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Max Abelson)         



See The Horse... BE The Horse!

Wearing a horse mask isn't exactly natural for your dog and it may feel somewhat claustrophobic in that it can't visualize how it looks from another's POV. Gently encourage your pet to just go with it, as the woman in the above image is doing, and you'll find Fido might want to display his or her inner colt more often. (creepy cute horse mask pet image via Gunslinger's Journal)  



Our loyal pets must wonder what's up with their human owners getting all horsey on them, and you can't blame 'em for taking an “if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!” attitude. Just be glad they're not taking it to the next level and running around with human masks, because THAT, my friends, would be all creepy and no cute. (creepy cute horse mask pet images above via Total Film and at top via Multiglom)